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About Intensity

<Intensity> is a raiding guild on Greybriar

We are a casual social group outside of raid, while still maintaining poise and posture in raid.  The prime objective is to create a fun environment for all.  We will not tolerate drama of any kind between its members or any other player.  We are a mature, focused guild where raiding is paramount.  Our members’ selflessness is the key to creating a home where members feel a sense of community.  We will not tolerate any behavior that could be perceived as negative.

<Intensity> utilizes a free roll system for distributing loot with the primary goal being the betterment of the guild as a whole.  In order for this to work, individuals should be willing to adapt to the guilds needs. Once Storm Legion hits we will be going to a Loot Council

We embrace an open-door policy when it comes to issues, concerns, or suggestions. Please come to one of our officers with any of those.

Raid Times:

We raid Monday through Thursday  5:30PM - 8:00PM Server (PST)

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